How To Build a Bully From Scratch

It is our passion to share resources for parents, teachers & the community to help them understand and help address issues, like bullying. It’s important that we get as many people as possible to understand truly how bullying happens.

When we understand, and learn to communicate our understanding we can help create new connections and bridge those gaps in relationships that create the very situations that make bullying possible.

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How To Make A Bully (from Scratch)

Bullying is one of the most misunderstood crises of our time. Bullies are created by a specific life-path we can reroute at any stage when we know the road signs to look for along the way. Are you ready to help transform both bullies and victims into contributing, connected members of society? Then take a walk down the life-path of both with Dr. Becky Bailey, a renowned developmental psychology and early childhood expert, and the founder of Conscious Discipline.
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